Freighter’s Mining Trailer Growth

Freighter’s Mining Trailer Growth

For many years, Freighter has been a popular choice for transport operators running road trains in Northern Australia. The trailer manufacturer is renowned for its reliability, durability and national service and support network, meaning Rogers Transport didn’t have to think twice about which trailers to buy after they won a large contract for the Gladstone Coal Seam Gas project.

Gary Rogers runs a lucrative operation out of Brisbane’s transport hub of Rocklea. Never short on business, his company Rogers Transport doesn’t even have a need to advertise, with the receptionist constantly kept busy by a ringing phone. Spending just ten minutes with Gary saw his own phone ring four or five times from customers looking to move their latest load.

“We operate a premium service,” says Gary. “When we deliver, we deliver freight with care and timeliness. I think word gets around about that on its own without our help.” He’s right – with a fleet consisting of 150 pieces of individual equipment, which includes 50 prime movers, Gary’s business is continually growing. Part of the growth recently came when Rogers Transport won a contract to deliver large steel pipes from Gladstone to Injune as part of the Gladstone Coal Seam Gas (GLNG) project. As soon as he won the contract, Gary made the decision to buy a new set of flat top semi-trailers. He knew exactly who to turn to.

“I’ve been dealing with Freighter Maxi-CUBE Queensland for years,” Gary says, admitting he hasn’t been phased by a recent name change for the prominent dealership. “They’ve changed their name recently to Trailer Sales, but nothing else has changed. They sell the best trailer brands and at the end of the day, that’s the most important thing to me.”
“Our salesman Mick Wooller is also a great bloke, which helps,” he laughs, after a nudge from Mick.

The GLNG contract required two road trains to do the run, delivering a total of up to 16 pipes per day. Gary already had one Freighter flat top semi-trailer road train set in his possession, so placed the order with Mick for another.

Freighter General Manager, Rod Cunningham, says the sale of Freighter trailers into mining industry transport has quickly become a key market for the brand. “We’ve seen sales into this industry grow dramatically over the past 5 years,” he says. “And they’re continuing to grow. Mining transport is now one of our largest segments. Mostly that’s due to our various road train solutions, along with our heavy duty spec ‘Outback’ model.”

Rod also sees growth continuing in the mining sector for his brand. “There’s certainly no sign of it slowing down,” he continues. “We’re constantly innovating to try to tailor better solutions for our customers in this sector and will continue to do so. We think that we’ve designed some top quality trailers for mining transport and we’re pleased to know that our customers agree.”

Gary Rogers certainly agrees. Attached to a brand new Kenworth 909, his road train has been running without issue, but Gary’s a man of few words. When asked how the trailers are going, he says “well!” And if you had your time again, would you change anything Gary? “Nope!”

And that’s the exact response you want from a set of durable, sturdy and reliable semi- trailers.

Rogers Transport is delivering steel pipes to a large coal seam gas project in Queensland using Freighter semi-trailers.

Rogers Transport is delivering steel pipes to a large coal seam gas project in Queensland using Freighter semi-trailers.

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