A curtain sided trailer with built in gates and no buckles or straps, the Freighter Safe-T-Liner gives you the potential for up to 30% more drops per day in local delivery/short haul operations. Not only does it meet Australian Load Restraint Guidelines*, there are significant OH&S benefits for drivers through not having to contend with gates or buckles, which leads to increased operational efficiency through quicker turnaround times.

The lack of buckles and the built in gates add to the clean lines and appearance of the Safe-T-Liner.

While the Safe-T-Liner is designed for sideways load restraint, if required, we can also assist with design solutions for vertical and longitudinal load restraint.

Available in lead, tag and B-double combinations, click on the images below for a Safe-T-Liner that suits your operation.

* The Safe-T-Liner is rated according to the Australian Load Restraint Guidelines to carry 1600kg per standard pallet space. If pallets are double stacked or a mezzanine deck is used, the total pallet mass per load space is 1600kg (e.g. 800kg on top of 800kg). 




With its simple, easy to use sliding curtain system that incorporates inbuilt load restraint in the curtains, drivers achieve a time saving in the load /unload cycle on multi-drop routes.
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