Freighter Semi-Trailers come in a range of styles and a wide selection of options each designed to offer transport operators the flexibility and added performance you would expect from Freighter. The Semi-Trailer can come as 22 pallet or 24 pallet unit and you have a choice of single trailer, lead, tag, B-Double or road train configurations, all in straight or drop deck configurations.

Regardless of the trailer you choose, they are all designed to deliver class leading durability, minimum tare weight and maximum payload advantage to ensure you have a winning edge in your transport operation.

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Lead Semi-Trailer

Flat Top Semi-Trailer

Drop Deck Semi-Trailer

Depending on your application, Freighter’s popular Lead Semi-Trailer is available in standard or drop frame lead configurations. The versatile Freighter Flat Top Semi may be purchased as a stand alone trailer or in Tag configuration to use with an existing Lead trailer for maximum payload flexibility. If you carry high loads, machinery, silage or are just seeking to maximise your cubic capacity, the Freighter Drop Deck Semi-Trailer is your answer.
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