Enhanced stability, renowned reliability and backed by many years of Freighter innovation since 1946. The Freighter Skeletal trailer range is as flexible as you are, offering a wide array of styles, options and configurations to suit your work load. Their low profile, strong but lightweight design delivers logistical solution to meet any transport need.

Designed to withstand rigorous wharf loading conditions, Freighter Skeletal trailers are low tare, high payload trailers that work with you to give you a competitive cost advantage.

Freighter’s long established attention to detail means that every twist lock is built to last and finished in  “electro-plate yellow” to make accurate and fast container loading much easier.

Available in Single trailer, Lead, Tag and B-double combinations, click on the images below for more details about individual Freighter Skeletal trailer models.

To view the full range of Skel Trailers, view the Skel Range brochure here

Lead Skel Trailer

Skel Trailer

Roll Back Lead Skel

Gain fleet optimisation with the Lead Skel’s ability to hook up to most other trailers for carting a range of different goods.* Freighter’s Skel trailer comes with wide spaced main beams and low profile frames combined to deliver a lower centre of gravity and enhanced stability which aids in driver comfort and safety. When performance matters the Freighter Roll Back Lead delivers. Giving you flexible carry and loading options, its roll frame allows containers to be rolled back for unloading or loading or to improve weight distribution (axle loading).
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Retractable Skel

Logging Skel

Freighter logging skel

Ultra-Lo Skel

The Retractable Skel offers operators outstanding versatility, maneuverability and ease of unloading, and is designed to provide a range of carrying options while ensuring legal axle loadings. Freighter Logging Skels are the latest in tailored transport solutions providing you with the benefit of owning a trailer that is custom built to your individual logging requirements. Container transportation is made more flexible and adaptable with the Freighter Ultra-Low Skel, specifically designed to safely, efficiently and legally carry containers up to 3.2m (10’6”) high (with a truck turntable height of 1,025mm).
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Tipping Skel

Freighter Tipping Skels are custom built to meet a range of transport requirements that can vary greatly depending on operating conditions and types of goods carried.
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