Tautliners® – Curtain Sided Semi-Trailers

As the first, and revolutionary curtain sided trailer available to general transport operators in Australia, the Freighter T-Liner® curtain sided trailer is synonymous with transport in Australia and has been leading by example ever since its introduction.

With its balance, stability, quality finish and superior towing characteristics the T-Liner delivers exceptional value for money and the right transport solution for general freight carriers.

Freighter’s T-Liner curtain sided semi-trailer is available either in single trailer, lead and tag B-Double or road train configurations.

Further enhancing the Freighter reputation and pushing trailer design and technology innovations even further are the T-Liner’s siblings Eziliner, Load Hold and Auto Hold, which each offer a unique transport trailing solution, check them out below.

Load Hold – Load Restraint Tautliner

AutoHold® – Buckleless Load Restraint Tautliner

EziLiner® – Buckleless Tautliner

As the load restraint system is built into the curtains the Freighter Load Hold trailer does away with the need for conventional gates. A major advance in trailer load restraint curtain systems incorporating no buckles or gates, there are simply no worries for operators and drivers when using Freighter’s unique, new, patent pending AutoHold curtain The amazingly efficient EziLiner does away with buckles and straps – replacing them with a semi-automatic system for vertically tensioning the curtains.
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Freighter T-Liner MARK II


Lead T-Liner

The Freighter T-Liner MARK II uses just 6 buckles on each side to secure the curtain, compared to 22 on a traditional 22 pallet T-Liner.  Achieving the same amount of vertical tension as produced by a standard T-Liner. The Freighter T-Liner was the first mass produced curtain sided trailer in Australia and has revolutionised the way freight is transported ever since. Freighter was the first Australian trailer manufacturer to make the curtain sided T-Liner configuration available to general transport operators and has lead the market with continued innovation in this type of trailer ever since.
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T-Liner Drop Deck

Designed for maximum cubic capacity, Drop Deck T-Liner trailers optimise deck lengths to suit standard pallet sizes which maximise cubic and load capacity.
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