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Take the next step with Freighter.

Our trailers are becoming easier to use while being designed to maximise safety and productivity. Here are just some of the latest Freighter advancements that are available now for you to own with your next trailer.

Be sure to check back regularly, as we will continue to update this page with more Freighter advancements as they come to life.

SafeADJUST™ Mezz Deck

SafeADJUST™ Mezz Decks significantly boost operator safety over traditional mezzanine decks by eliminating the human element of deck adjustment.

SafeADJUST™ is secured as a permanent component and removes the need to leave the controls of a loaded forklift to alter the deck height, keeping people well clear of safety exclusion zones.

Along with its array of safety benefits, by doing away with the time lost climbing into the trailer to manually adjust corner saddles, SafeADJUST™ also greatly improves productivity for your business.

Watch the video of SafeADJUST™ in action to see the difference for yourself. Click here for more information about this product.

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The multi-award winning Freighter T-Liner MARK II removes up to 70% of the buckles required on a standard curtain sided trailer.

Patented curtain arc technology and non-slip buckles allow Freighter to reduce the number of buckles on the trailer while maintaining an optimum seal without loss of vertical curtain tension.

In turn, Freighter T-Liner MARK II saves up to 10 minutes per drop and improves operator safety.

Take the next step with Freighter. Talk to your local Dealer today.

Beating an impressive list of other industry leaders, The T-Liner MARK II received the following awards at the 2017 Brisbane Truck Show awards night:

  • Best Trailer
  • Best Australian Manufactured Innovation
  • Best Australian Designed and Engineered Product

Watch the video of the Freighter T-Liner MARK II and see how it can benefit your business.

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Hanging Load Restraint Gates

Freighter Hanging Load Restraint Gates are based on the concept of standard hanging gates.

The load restraint rating is achieved by adding tabs on both the gates and the posts. This simple and robust design enables the gates to be restrained from leaning outwards at all four corners, while retaining the ability to lean inwards like non-rated gates.

Included is Freighter SpringASSIST, an innovative spring system which attaches to the gate, removing a large portion of the weight when lifting each gate in and out of position.

The benefits? A durable and easy to maintain load restraint solution, available exclusively from Freighter.

Watch the video of Freighter’s Hanging Load Restraint Gates in action.

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Sliding Post Load Restraint Gates

2016 TT Award wreath 100
Winner TrailerTorque Technology and Innovation Award 2016

Our premium option, Freighter Sliding Post Load Restraint Gates utilise a unique integrated spring design to make them virtually weightless.

The posts are incorporated within the gates, meaning less movements are required to access the load space. Closing the gate is equally fast with the inclusion of a ‘slam lock’ which locks everything quickly and easily into place.

The benefits? Significantly improved Work Health and Safety coupled with faster opening and closing.

Watch the video of Freighter’s Sliding Post Load Restraint Gates in action.

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Curtain Rollers

Freighter’s new curtain rollers are included on every new T-Liner variant delivered. The result is our curtains now require up to 50% less effort in order to be opened and closed. It’s a huge step forward in ease of use, translating to faster loading and unloading. The risk of sprains and strains is also reduced, which could lower your insurance premiums.

Watch the video of the Freighter curtain rollers in action and see just how easy they are to operate.

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Two-Piece Roof Rail

Another Freighter advancement is the two-piece roof rail. Available as an option on Freighter curtain sided trailers, the major benefit of the two-piece roof rail is that the curtain track can be easily removed and replaced in the event of accidental forklift damage.

Click here to view the flyer and see just how the design of the two-piece roof rail can deliver a lower cost, time saving replacement option for your next trailer.

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