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About the TrailerTail

Freighter is once again breaking ground in Australian transport efficiency, with the trial of the country’s first ‘boat tail’ aerodynamic trailer device to take place in 2014. Aptly named the ‘TrailerTail’ and produced by American organisation AT Dynamics, the device is designed to reduce the ‘drag’ created at the rear of the trailer by swirling air, hence increasing fuel efficiency.

With the ever rising cost of fuel, Freighter views fuel efficiency as one of the greatest challenges facing transport operators. Boat tails are already in operation in the US and Europe, however different operating conditions in Australia have meant that it hasn’t been possible to introduce them here until now.

Following an extensive review of available boat tail devices, Freighter settled on the AT Dynamics’ ‘TrailerTail’, a market leader in the field. The TrailerTail has already been in operation in the US for a number of years, creating fuel savings of between 5 and 7 percent when in use.

Freighter has gained transport authority approval to coordinate a trial with the AT Dynamics product with the assistance of a small number of participating transport organisations. The trial will take place in NSW, Victoria and Queensland, with up to 15 combinations set to hit the road in the coming months to begin gathering data. The trial will last for one year.


What is the TrailerTail?
The TrailerTail is a ‘boat tail’ device, produced by American manufacturer, AT Dynamics.

How does it work?
It is a fold out device which tapers the rear end of the trailer, effectively guiding air off the back of the trailer, reducing swirl and increasing aerodynamics.

Where will the trial take place?
The TrailerTail trial will take place in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria throughout 2014, with the approval of the state regulators. It will include both single trailers and B-Double combinations.

How long will the trial last?
The trial began in February 2014 and will last for one year.

How do I recognize a trial trailer?
The trial trailers will be very distinctive, with the TrailerTail attached to the rear and a decal on the TrailerTail itself, identifying the combination as part of the trial.

Where do I direct any comments I have about the TrailerTail?
Any comments, questions or queries you have regarding the TrailerTail can be directed to the contact form, below. A representative will respond to you within two working days.


Date Title Link
23/05/2013 TrailerTail Debuts at Brisbane Truck Show 2013 Click here

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